Colorado Animal Welfare Conference Session

Animal Law Enforcement Safety and Resiliency Strategies


10:45am-12:12pm • Day 3 – September 22, 2023

Northwest Territories A-B

Field Services

Animal Law Enforcement/Control Officers are increasingly impacted by the dangerous and demanding nature of the profession. Over the past several years, officers are contending with a new aspect of physical threats, increased health and safety risks, and uncertainty.  In order to tackle this new landscape and stay safe, officers, supervisors, and leaders need to recognize they can strategically combat the impacts of stress by implementing some basic coping tools while in the midst of stress.  Learn to develop the necessary skills and apply proper life changes to create resiliency to stress. 


Robyn Levy

Janee’ Boswell

Janee’ Boswell is supervisor of the Animal Control Division of the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office and serves as the president of the Animal Welfare Association of Colorado. With a total of 21 years in the animal control profession, 16 of those as a supervisor, Boswell has extensive knowledge of varied community challenges within animal welfare. During her tenure, she was responsible for daily functions of the animal protection unit, successful investigations of cruelty and neglect cases, and coordinating the response to several natural disasters.