Colorado Animal Welfare Conference Session

Animal Crimes and Rethinking Punitiveness



White Pine Ballroom

Focus Day

The University of Denver Animal Law Program and Graduate School of Social Work study the connections between human thriving and animal well-being and look closely at the longstanding legal tools that are presumed to help animals, such as tough on crime approaches to animal protection. In this presentation, Animal Law Program Manager Jess Beaulieu and Special Projects Research Coordinator Katia Nikitina will summarize some of the research about the shortcomings of longer sentences or more convictions and discuss some of the alternatives their programs are exploring.

Dr. Nita Mosby Tyler

Jessica Beaulieu

Jess Beaulieu manages the University of Denver’s Animal Law Program. Prior to this role, she practiced as a public interest attorney in the field of dependency and neglect at Muhaisen & Muhaisen, LLC. Previously, she was a fellow at the Center for Biological Diversity in Denver, advocating for the protection of western wildlife.

Dr. Nita Mosby Tyler

Katia Nikitina

Katia Nikitina, MSW, is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work. In her role at the universtity, Nikitina conducts research and builds educational programs focused on animal maltreatment, biodiversity loss, and mental healthcare