Colorado Animal Welfare Conference Session

Understanding Livestock Behavior


1:45–3:15pm • September 22, 2022

Fallen Timbers B

Field Services

Most livestock fall into the category of a prey species.  Everything and everyone is out to get them.  As law enforcement and emergency responders, how we move, act and vocalize around them affects their behavior positively or negatively.  Prey species have motivators and stressors and when we understand them it helps us do our jobs more efficiently and effectively.  Livestock has a great ability to sense fear, therefore responders should be confident in their actions and aware of their own ability and knowledge in the field. We have the ability to lower stress levels in livestock and when we change our behavior, we change their behavior.


Garret Leonard

Garret Leonard has developed equine rescue resources, evacuation planning and disaster programs to first responders, community response teams, and industry professionals. He has developed and executed a center for law enforcement for the collection of evidence and rehabilitation of abused and neglected horses that have been removed from their owners by law enforcement. Leonard collaborates with equine professionals across the country on biosecurity, quarantine, facility and animal decontamination, operations, planning, emergency veterinary care, large animal sheltering, standard operating policies, protocols, and best practices in livestock training. He is also the large animal branch manager for Code 3 Associates.