Colorado Animal Welfare Conference Session

Partnering With Your Veterinarian for a Successful Prosecution


10:45pm – 12:15pm • September 16, 2021

9th Floor

Field Services

Animal care and control teams often partner with veterinarians to successfully prosecute cases of animal cruelty. How can animal care officers make the most of a veterinarian’s professional knowledge and training to gather evidence and present it in court to make a winning case? Case examples will be used to illustrate concepts.


Dr. Katrina Zwolinski

My unique role as both veterinarian and supervisor at a mid-sized shelter in Alaska allowed me to participate in many animal welfare cases from various team vantage points. As the chief veterinarian of shelter veterinary services at the Denver Dumb Friends League, I hope to share my knowledge with the DFL and other teams to advance animal welfare on a broad basis.