Colorado Animal Welfare Conference Session

Insights Into Supported Self-Rehoming Programs


10:45am – 12:15pm • Focus Day – September 20, 2023

White Pine Ballroom

Focus Day

Rehome by Adopt a Pet launched in 2017 and we’re ready to share the detailed  insights we’ve been gathering. Insights into how long pet owners are willing to keep a pet, what breeds are most likely to be rehomed successfully, and how long it takes a pet owner to find a new home for their pet. Attendees will be able to use this data to better understand looking to rehome their pets and can immediately begin a supported self-rehoming program of their own.

Dr. Jon Geller

April Huntsman

April Huntsman, CAWA, serves as the senior director of animal welfare for Adopt a Pet, the nation’s largest, self-supported rehoming service. Huntsman has been in the animal welfare industry for more than 20 years and has worked for both local and national animal welfare organizations including Maricopa County, Salt Lake County, Best Friends Animal Society, and Michelson Found Animals Foundation. She lives in Utah and is the proud pack mom of two senior Chihuahuas.