Colorado Animal Welfare Conference Session

What Do We Do With Compassion Fatigue?
A Roadmap For Difficult Times


3:30–5pm • Focus Day – September 21, 2022

White Pine Ballroom

Focus Day

Most of us are familiar with the reality of compassion fatigue, yet we often grapple with just what to do about it. Going beyond self-care basics, explore what it means to consciously move through seasons of work stress and satisfaction. Learn both intuitive and practical approaches for cultivating well-being even when you, or those around you, are not feeling completely well.

Dr. Michael Blackwell

Stephanie Wilde

Stephanie Wilde is a certified compassion fatigue educator and holds a master of arts degree in counseling psychology. Her candid presentations combine insights from more than 20 years of professional experience in mission-driven organizations with the latest research on stress, trauma, and resiliency. Wilde currently serves as the executive director for Riverdale Animal Shelter in Brighton, Colo.