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Operations Manager

Company Name: Roice-Hurst Humane Society
Company Website:
Location: Grand Junction
Job Type: Full Time
Job Category: Operations


REPORTS TO:               CEO

HOURS:                       Full-time, exempt

PAY RATE:                   $45,000-$55,000/year



The Operations Manager provides leadership, direction, and supervision to ensure best practices and high standards in animal care and client care across Roice-Hurst’s facilities. The Operations Manager also strives to consistently meet or exceed the goals of Roice-Hurst Humane Society (RHHS) as set forth by the CEO along with the Board of Directors.



Reports to the CEO. Works closely with partner veterinarians, local and regional animal welfare organizations, and transfer partner agencies. Represents RHHS on local and regional coalitions as assigned or approved by the CEO. Provides direct supervision to the customer service staff, animal care staff, and veterinary support staff. Participates in the negotiation and implementation of vendor contracts related to facility care and maintenance.



·         Oversees day-to-day operations of RHHS facilities. Ensures all staff and volunteers understand and follow Standard Operating Procedures and support the mission, vision, and values of the organization as set forth by the Board of Directors.

·         Responsible for overseeing staff and ensuring the implementation of and adherence to shelter rules and procedures, including the Standard Operating Procedures. Reviews and updates such rules and procedures systematically and as needed.

·         Responsible for planning and conducting animal care-related meetings.

·         Ensures the safety and proper sanitation of RHHS facilities.

·         Oversees the implementation of a safety program.

·         Reads and responds as necessary to staff Daily Reminder emails each workday.

·         Stays current on animal shelter and sheltering best practices and ensures Standard Operating Procedures reflect industry best practices.

·         Monitors spending to ensure expenditures stay within the allotted budget amounts. Assists the CEO and Bookkeeper with operations-related budgetary planning annually.

·         Hires, supervises, guides, provides feedback, disciplines, and evaluates direct reports in the performance of their job responsibilities and for their growth and safety.

·         Oversees onboarding, training, reviews, and performance plans of direct reports.

·         Provides exceptional customer service, resolves customer complaints, and ensures a positive customer experience.

·         Is a leader by example to staff, volunteers, and customers of RHHS. Sets the standard for staff behavior, attitude, and customer service.

·         Meets regularly and frequently with the Operations Lead, contract veterinarian(s), and satellite shelter supervisor(s) to proactively address needs of RHHS facilities, staff, and pets.

·         Works with the Executive Assistant to ensure employee files are current and all supervisorial issues are documented in employee files. Keeps a record of any absence or tardiness and the reasons.

·         Prepares staff assignments and schedules to ensure shelter operations are covered, in accordance with budgetary guidelines and equitable to all staff.

·         Adheres to and enforces the Employee Manual; discusses exceptions to policy with the CEO.



·         Ensures the well-being and humane treatment of animals, following a Fear Free Sheltering model.

·         Works with the Animal Resource Center Coordinator and shelter staff to implement intake diversion programs to reduce preventable surrenders to the shelter.

·         Works with Shelter and/or Contract Veterinarian(s), and Operations Lead and/or Animal Resource Center Coordinator, as needed, to schedule and coordinate appropriate staff and volunteers for surgery and veterinary care needs.

·         Coordinates or delegates the coordination of transfers of pets to and from RHHS facilities and transfer partners.

·         Ensures off-site adoption partner locations are effectively utilized to maximize off-site adoptions.

·         Follows and enforces disease control protocol to ensure a safe, healthy environment. Maintains a healthy and calming environment for the animals in RHHS care.

·         Fosters a professional and cooperative relationship with others in the animal welfare industry.

·         Ensures daily cleaning of kennels and facilities, feeding and caring for shelter animals, and medical care are performed regularly and appropriately by staff.

·         Ensures a behavior/enrichment schedule for pets in RHHS care is implemented consistently and properly.

·         Ensures that best practices regarding positive reinforcement training are implemented and consistently followed by all staff and volunteers involved in behavioral training and enrichment.

·         Ensures behavioral observation notes are regularly consistently entered into shelter software by animal care staff and volunteers.



·         Coordinates or delegates the coordination of at least monthly on- and/or off-site adoption events and promotions.

·         Meets regularly with staff to review procedures and needs, discuss workplace issues, and share ideas. Meets with CEO regularly to provide input for long-range programs, review policies and procedures, and review financial statements.

·         Works with Executive Assistant at least bi-annually to ensure job descriptions and Employee Manual are revised and updated as necessary.

·         Works with Bookkeeper at least annually to review vendor contracts and renew/renegotiate as necessary.

·         Reviews and/or delegates review of operations-related invoices and bills for accuracy and properly codes them with account codes provided by the Bookkeeper.

·         Reviews financial statements monthly and adjusts spending as necessary to remain within budget on all line items. Notifies CEO and Bookkeeper of anticipated deviations from budget projections.

·         Works with the CEO and Bookkeeper to develop a strategy to meet cost containment goals.

·         Ensures controlled substance records are kept in accordance with applicable laws and works with the Bookkeeper to renew applicable operating licenses as needed. The Operations Manager manages annual deadlines and renewals for all licenses and/or inspections.

·         Serves as the point of contact for shelter management software contract(s) and ensures shelter management software is properly set up and used.

·         Stays up-to-date on the operations of office equipment to include security, computer, and phone systems.

·         Maintains data and inputs corresponding data in RHHS’ metrics spreadsheet as assigned and reports on how current data relates to trends and goals during metrics meetings.



·         Ensures all kennels, cages and equipment in RHHS facilities are working properly.

·         Makes regular routine inspections of facilities to ensure supplies are stocked, office machines and computers are operational, and facilities are sanitary. Ensures office and shelter supply orders or maintenance for office and veterinary machines and equipment are handled proactively to ensure smooth, continued operations of RHHS facilities.

·         Regularly orders or delegates the ordering of supplies before stock runs out to ensure smooth functioning of RHHS facilities at all times.

·         Creates and implements systems for facility and grounds upkeep and general maintenance and vehicle maintenance.

·         Coordinates deep cleaning days at least quarterly.



·         Must be committed to the mission, vision, values, policies, and goals of RHHS.

·         Must embody “Default Empathy” philosophy and wellness principles.

·         Safely operates the RHHS van and/or personal vehicle to transfer animals to and from appointments, events, or in between other shelters or rescues as needed.

·         Safely operates the RHHS mobile clinic to and from offsite events as needed.

·         Maintains a clean and organized work area.

·         Checks and responds to email at least once every shift.

·         Follows safety guidelines to ensure a safe work environment.

·         Complies with RHHS personnel policies.

·         Adheres to the RHHS Standard Operating Procedures manual.

·         Functions as a cooperative member and leader of the RHHS team and works in a positive manner with volunteers, donors, customers, and staff, recognizing their individual contribution to the success of our organization.

·         Attends staff, leadership team, and metrics meetings.

·         Periodically attends Board meetings for the purposes of providing status of shelter operations.

·         Operates RHHS telephone system, computers, and copiers.

·         Performs additional duties and responsibilities as assigned.



·         Must have excellent organizational, systems, and time-management skills.

·         Must have strong project management skills and ability to handle large volumes of e-mail and telephone correspondence in a timely and professional manner.

·         Must have strong written and spoken English skills; Bilingual (Spanish) speaking and writing ability preferred.

·         Must have excellent written and oral communication skills, especially active listening and empathetic speaking; exceptional knowledge of grammar, punctuation and spelling.

·         Must have a growth mindset and effectively lead through change.

·         Minimum education level: Bachelor’s Degree in a management-related field or a minimum of 3 years’ management experience (preference given to experience overseeing multiple locations, clinical settings, or businesses in periods of growth).

·         Must have a valid Colorado driver’s license, a good driving history, and a current insurance policy.

·         Must competently use Microsoft Office, including Microsoft Word, and Excel; Quickbooks; ClinicHQ; NeonCRM; the Google Suite; shelter software; web browsers; and other technology as necessary.

·         Must be professional, flexible and handle difficult and sensitive situations with diplomacy and discretion.

·         Must work independently and confidently using superior discretion and judgment.

·         Must be able to write reports and correspondence professionally.

·         Must work collaboratively and build trustworthy relationships.

·         Must work alone or with minimal supervision. Must be self-motivated.

·         Must have ability to prioritize with strong problem-solving skills and flexibility.

·         Must maintain excellent follow-through skills and strong attention to detail.

·         Must manage several issues simultaneously.

·         Must be energetic, team-oriented, and quality minded.



·         Must perform a variety of tasks including sitting and standing, lifting up to 50 pounds repetitively, typing, writing, answering phones, and filing.

·         Must handle animals. Must work safely around unruly, vicious, sick, injured, dangerous, or deceased animals, chemical compounds (e.g., bleach, disinfectants, medications), and understand there is a risk of exposure to parasites and infectious diseases.

·         Must work when and where needed by the organization. Must be willing to work irregular hours, weekends, holidays and overtime when necessary. Must be flexible with schedule changes and short notice overtime requests.

·         Work can occur in an office setting, animal areas, on the grounds of the shelter facility, office building, or off-site. Must be able to work in an environment with elevated noise levels.

·         Must work under pressure with public audience and have patience and tact when working with difficult or emotional people and situations.

·         Must perform a variety of tasks in all weather conditions, including standing, kneeling, walking, stooping, kneeling, and crouching.

·         Must not have an allergic condition that prevents the employee from performing any essential function of the position, with or without reasonable accommodation.