Noah’s Ark Animal Welfare Association

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Trinidad, CO CO, 81082
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Noah's Ark Animal Welfare Association

About Noah’s Ark Animal Welfare Association

Our Mission

To work collaboratively increasing the life-saving capacity of dogs & cats within our region
while maintaining a safe and comfortable home for every dog and cat in Las Animas County.

n comparison to the high numbers of pets that come through our doors (~2000 dogs & cats), our shelter facility is very small (13 dog kennels & 23 cat cages).  We persistently work and proactively advocate toward loving forever homes for adoptable pets that find their way to us as surrenders, strays, or through the transfer program from another shelter.  Our transfer program and network is one that we are very proud of and allows us to be a vital cog in the efforts of saving more lives.  With our key location along the Front Range interstate corridor and on the New Mexico/Colorado state line, our goal is to become a transfer center of excellence for animals coming into the state.