Spay Today Healthy Pet Center

Company Address: 1401 Ammons Street
Lakewood CO, 80214
Company Phone: 303-984-7729
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Company Email: [email protected]
Company Contact: Amira Watters

About Spay Today Healthy Pet Center

SpayToday Healthy Pet Center was founded in 2009. We are a 501c-3, non-profit clinic that is open to the public, but our target audience is indigent and vulnerable people and pets, in Denver Metro and the surrounding area.  We offer low-cost and no-cost basic vet care services to families who could not obtain care for their pets due to financial constraints. 

Our Mission: SpayToday is dedicated to eliminating animal homelessness, neglect, and potential abuse through spay/neuter services.

Our Vision: A world where all pets are wanted pets and have a home of their own with people who love them.

Our Objective: Connect with vulnerable populations in the Denver Metro and surrounding areas to offer and provide high-quality, affordable basic vet care.